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Because Beautanicals is an herb farm and we are actively growing the herbs, vegetables and fruit that we harvest for seed, it is only natural that we do, on a seasonal basis, have dried herb available for sale.


Our focus is always on producing seed for germination but sometimes the process yields plenty of active herb from many of the plants.


Many herbs are actually better to use in a dry form rather than fresh as a careful, shaded, managed drying process locks in the valuable chemical inherant in the plant and hardens the cell walls that house these precious packages making it possible to break open the cell on re-hydration. This cannot often happen with fresh herb as the elasticity of the fresh plant cell walls will not readily tear.


There are many urban myths surrounding the use of dry herb such as 'sun dried is best' and 'commercially kiln or dehydrator dried is clean' but after decades of processing our own herbs in every way we can imagine it has always come down to the simple fact that cool, clean, careful, shade, turned and tended often is the way to get the absolute best from your herb.


Many imported dry herbs cannot possibly be done this way and, sun dried, on the ground, is the only method practical. So naturally the market has come to expect the quality of these herbs and spices as standard, even desireable!! We simply cannot, as the quality of the herb we use for ourselves really matters to us. The product is more important than the false image created by the marketing department to sell poor quality product at a premium price.


Also, we do not often sell or use pre-powered or chopped herb as the actual process of chopping and grinding starts the process of degradation. It is always best to but the buy your herb in the most complete way possible and chop, grind or powder just before you are ready to use it.


So when it is practical and possible, we sell whole leaf, complete bark, whole dried root or roughly chopped into large practical pieces. This also means that you are not going to be sold the pest and diseased damaged leaves that simply get lost in the chopping process of industrial machines.


As the Australian population is ever so slowly coming to understand and accept that seasonal consumption is actually healthier and more sustainable than food and medicine on demand at any cost, we feel confident in saying that we will harvest our herb and vege at their correct time and will not harvest again until the season suits the particular plant once more.



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While there seems to be much confusion and quite a bit of mysticism surrounding Bio-Dynamic practices, and most of the information is presented for farmers rather than gardeners, it really does work.
We produce our own preparations on the farm but apply them as any gardener would.
You can transform your little part of the world without much effort at all.



We do not grow any GMO varieties of anything. Almost everything that we grow is Heirloom, which means that the variety has not been changed in any way since before WW2.


Any varieties where we are unsure of the heritage, we will grow for 5-10 seasons before we decide to sell the seed.


Beautanicals is not open to the public for farm visits.



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