Calendula Dried Petals


Calendula officinalis

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Pot Marigold Petals.
Historically found to help with: Candida, Cervicitis, Chickenpox, Conjunctivitis, Glandular Swelling, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, Infection, Measles, Mumps, Ulcers, Yeast Infection.
Constituents: flavonol glycosides, isoquercitrin, narcissin, neohesperidoside, and rutin, terpenoids a- and b-amyrin, lupeol, longispinogenin, and sterols, volatile oils, arvoside A, carotenoid pigments, calendulin, and polysaccharides.
The Commission E reported anti-inflammatory, granulatory, and wound healing action with topical application.


All of our plant material, is grown here on our farm in the Mary Valley, Queensland, in a completely organic, pesticide & herbicide free manner, harvested by hand and dried and stored and packed on the premises.