Neem Leaf Dried


Azadirachta indica
Alternate Names: Village Pharmacy, Margosa, Nimba, Sarva Roga, Nivarini

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Properties: Alterative, Antibacterial, Anthelmintic, Antiemetic, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Bitter Tonic, Febrifuge, Hypoglycemic, Immune Stimulant, Pediculicide, Spermicidal, Vermifuge.
Chemical Constituents: Mahmoodin, flavonoids, meliacins, triterpene bitters, tannins.
Internal Applications: Tea, Tincture, Capsules.
Topical Applications: Bath for chickenpox, rashes and wounds.

All of our plant material, is grown here on our farm in the Mary Valley, Queensland, in a completely organic, pesticide & herbicide free manner, harvested by hand and dried and stored and packed on the premises.