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Sarsaparilla officinalis

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Sarsaparilla root – 40gm
Our sarsaparilla root consists of the shade dried root of Smilax officinalis
Preparations of sarsaparilla root are used for skin diseases, psoriasis and its sequelae, rheumatic complaints, kidney diseases, and as a diuretic and diaphoretic.
Taking sarsaparilla preparations can lead to gastric irritation and temporary kidney impairment [diuresis].
The absorption of simultaneously administered substances, for example digitalis glycosides or bismuth, is increased.
The elimination of other substances (e.g., hypnotics) is accelerated.
This can cause an uncontrolled condition of increased or decreased action of herbs taken simultaneously.
Since the efficacy for psoriasis has not been documented, a therapeutic application cannot be justified because of the risks.